Childrens Contact Centres

What is a Child Contact Centre?

A Child Contact Centre is a safe, friendly and neutral place where children of separated families can spend time with one or both parents, and sometimes other family members. It is a child-centered environment that puts the needs of the children first.

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What is it like at a Child Contact Centre?

We aim to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere where you and your children can relax. We provide a wide range of toys and games for all ages and refreshments are on hand. The centre is run by a coordinator and trained volunteers who are there to help you.

Child Contact Centres offer ‘Supported’ (not Supervised) contact, and so there is no close observation of individual families, nor detailed reports written. The Centre is staffed by volunteers who are impartial, discreet and sensitive to the needs of families. Volunteers welcome families, provide refreshments and give general assistance.

Parents attending the Centre agree to abide by a clear set of rules, and are asked to leave their differences outside, for the sake of the children.

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